Safety starts with the right equipment. Global Marine Safety sells a wide range of LSA products from life vest, life jackets and emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD). All products are checked before sale to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Life Saving Equipment & Appliances

Our life saving equipment and appliances ensure all those aboard have the necessary safety equipment in the event of a hazardous or life threatening situation.

  • DGDP Navy Inflatable Life Jacket
  • Advance folding lifejacket “SOLAS”
  • Life Jackets – Rigid / Inflatable
  • Inflatable lifejacket belt-pack
  • Lifejacket ring
  • Lifebuoy ring
  • Lifebuoy lights
  • Safelink Ais SART
  • Safelink Sportpro + Gps EPIRB
  • Safelink Pro Plb
  • ADALIT L-3000 torch light
  • MOB Light – Smoke – Signals
  • Immersion suits
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)
  • Kon-Tiki Royal – Adult
  • Workvest 402
  • Kon-Tiki Royal – Child
  • Workvest 403
  • Thermo Cruise Baby
  • W31 Canopy
  • W32 Canopy
  • W31 Mariner
  • W32 Mariner
  • W4 Canopy
  • W4 Base Mounted
  • Parachute Rocket
  • Ships Bridge Distress Kit
  • Life-smoke
  • Hand-flare
  • Emergency Lights For Life Jackets & Survival Suits
  • Lifebuoy Lights
  • Life Raft & Lifeboat Lights
  • Gas Chemical Protective Suit
  • Emergency Safety Shower
  • Chemical Protective Equipment

Medical Equipment

When emergencies occurs preparedness is vital to protect lives. Our medical equipment ensures your team has the necessary equipment to protect and save lives.

  • Stretchers
  • Stretchers (Neil Robertson type)
  • Integrated paediatric and adult spine boards
  • Universal basket stretcher
  • Marine stretcher buoyant, Self up righting
  • Lifting bridle Systems
  • Oxygen Respirator (according to MFAG)
  • Medical oxygen system